My bed, let me show you it

When I showed off the beautiful afghan/bedspread that one of Mom's friends crocheted for us, I know it was kind of hard to see how big it was.

Its really big :)

This is our full-size bed, with ample room on either side.

Also, we've been doing laundry all weekend and I wanted to show off a relatively clean room. And no worries mom, I have thank you notes all ready to go out... as soon as I can find the pens I got..

Also, today I finished my quick-knit sock yarn shawl! Need to weave in the *ahem* ends TRIPSIE and give it a good soak and stretch, but I'm fairly pleased.

Its made from this yarn

Which is from the Schafer Company and is named after and inspired by Indira Gandhi!


Unknown said...

Jadie that bedspread/afghan is so pretty!
It's been a while since I've bought any yarn, isn't that terrible? lol I'll have to go buy some soon.

Thomas said...

Very pretty Afghan.
And it is much bigger that I thought it would be.

Thumperdd said...

Oh! It's soooo pretty!

Want some photos of your project though...


Dana said...

The afghan is lovely; what an amazing gift! Likewise, I'm lovin' the Indira Ghandhi; that's a really striking color combo. Where did you get it?

See you on Saturday Birthday Girl To Be!