Yarn diet going better

I haven't bought yarn in a while!

Stitch Markers and a little surprise for someone from Lizard Toes

And last week I picked up some neat little cases, a pattern, and a water bottle from The Loopy Ewe.

What I didn't realize, is this order put me into the Loopy Groupies! HOORAY!!!

She sent me a sock pattern, some yarn, a calendar, and a awesome tote bag! And of course some Kisses.

At Gate City Yarn this weekend I got some buttons and a Knit Kit!

Here's the Knit Kit with its gadgets out. And a paw for reference... its a lot bigger than I thought.

On a separate note, my sister is growing up TOO FAST!!! This is her prom dress.



Thomas said...

**stomps feet and throws hissyfit**

Nice of you to purchase for yourself, a giftie I've been hoping you'd forget about and/or give me enough time to get it for you. But, whatever... and don't think I'm getting you an iPhone for your birthday. ooooh Sister is pretty.

redsiver - Ed claimed himself a river.

Thumperdd said...

What a beautiful, young lady your sister is! Hope she has a wonderful time at prom. Before you know it she'll be off to college, married, then have 6 kids...boy, time flys!


Nikki said...

what great stuff!!!

What a pretty dress on a pretty girl!

Dana said...

Nice goodies! I really like your knit kit. :)

Your 'baby' sis looks amazing; I hope she has a wonderful prom.

hydra - the tears falling from Thomas' face during his hissyfit. LOL

Cindy said...

OK that is too weird. The dress she is wearing looks just like a dress I wore as a bridemaid at a friends wedding in... 98 or 99. I may have to put it up on flickr or something to show you. Eerie.