Super-duper day!

Today has been fantastic!
  1. We bought Sam's wedding ring.
  2. He showed me the suit colors he picked and they're perfect!
  3. We picked out and put a deposit down on our wedding cake!
  4. I got mail (see below)
  5. I GOT AN Iphone!!!!
Thanks to Uncle Sam giving me some of my money back, and Fiance Sam picking an awesome ring that turned out to be less expensive but more unique than the one we originally looked at, I had some leftover $$ *happy dance* I've already got it set for twitter, plurk, facebook, and to upload my pics to flickr. YAY!

Here's my mail:

This is another bag from Slipped Stitch Studios, who I've ordered from before. I also got some super cute magnets. They say "I knit because I'm smarter than you." I got a boy and a girl, the boy is for my friend James!
I don't think I could have picked out a more perfect bag for myself if I had ordered it custom. Blue and brown and KITTIES!

I also received the 2nd shipment in the Poe series. I will definitely take a better picture of this yarn tomorrow... the iphone's camera doesn't do it justice by a long shot.

Tomorrow is the Sedalia Celtic Festival.. haven't decided for sure if we're going to go or not. Big thing on the list is to check out places to rent chairs. We've gotten so much done, but still so much to do!
No worries though MOM! I have it under control :D


Thomas said...

The pAnIC will set in on June 12th, Mom... don't you worry!!!


MORE YARN!!! *bites tongue - bites tongue - bites tongue*

Ouch - goals... damnit, I tried.

Sam is suchah honeydew.

hmmmm, my word verification is:

hydes - What you do when you propheci to a friend's mother that panic will ensue the day before a wedding. *note, if you are in that person's presence, it doesn't hurt to run, either*

Unknown said...

Awesome, I know you have wanted an IPhone for quite a while. I think that bag was custom designed for you. Aztec Rentals is where we got the chairs for our wedding if that helps.

P.S. Thanks for the sweet gift :)

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Super duper day indeed!! Yay!!

And some gorgeous packages too!

Cindy said...

Cute bag .. and seems like some good wedding progress :)

Thumperdd said...

Glad everything is lining up for you. Don't worry, everything will be fine...

Hope you tooks pics for us if you went to the Celtic Festival. I think ours in in three weeks. (Need to look that up.)