Sorry for anyone who gets fed the blank post... my hands are a little shaky. I went to play paintball today with some of my friends!!!

Important things learned.
Always bring snacks and plenty of fluids (not too many though, the portapotty scares boys away!)

Always wear clothes you don't care too much about. Sure, the paint washes out, but what about the mud?

(Paint. I used my sleeves to wipe the paint off my mask)

(mud. except on the hat)
Always always wear protective coverings. Especially if you love and value any part of your body more than others. Like, your hand.

hard to see, but I got dinged at close range. Doesn't hurt too bad, but its gonna be bruised and sore for a bit.
Still, I had a blast! And we're planning on going back once or twice a month. I'll probably stick to once a month, I already have an expensive habit.

Speaking of which. SOCK LOVE
Finished it Thursday night.. I'll probably wait a few days to cast on the second one.

Kitty is still walking funny, but he's definitely feeling better! Check out this video of him playing fetch. Music was added by Idiotboy (I feel like a jerk but its SOOO FUNNY). Friends on dialup, its only about 15 seconds long so it shouldn't take forever to load.
I hope everyone has a good weekend!!


Unknown said...

I think paintball sounds like so much fun but very painful. lol I'm a wuss!
I love those socks, very pretty!

Anonymous said...

pain is another matter. what it teaches you counts. I took paintball last january and now get hooked. only obstacle is cost to play and be equipped. anything else ,it train me physically and psychologically.

Thomas said...

Ah haaaa yellow paint, the bane of any Green Lantern!!!

oh hello Mr. Playful Kitty. You're walking like your feet hurt.

monguu - The appropriate cuss word to enunciate when you have been paintballed. *ps: you'll sound a bit french*

idiotboy said...

lol glad you had fun.. Sam and I thought you were gonna freak the first time ya got shot :D Glad you didn't.. maybe I can go next time and shoot ya ;)