Spring Cleaning!

Ok, so its only February, and Mr. Groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter, but around here its been beautiful and spring-like, so *rasberries*

I had today off for President's day, and decided I wanted to do a little shopping. As I've been losing weight (see below for healthy snacks!) some of my clothes aren't fitting as well as they used to, plus not long ago I had bought some new clothes because I was growing OUT of my old ones.

But I also knew that my dresser and closet were busting full of stuf. So what's a girl to do?


I wish I'd gotten a good Before picture, but this is after only about 5 minutes of tugging things out. I had so much stuff piled up that I forgot what was down there, and found my bathrobe in the process!

Kitty says "Um, that looks like more fun that I want to have - you go on without me" he napped.

This is after about an hour of work - Eventually I just pulled everything out into a big pile in the middle of the room, so the inside of the closet was 100% empty except for clothes hanging up.

And the result?

Clothes to go to Goodwill.
Oh, and see that disposable camera? I think that's from San Diego Con 2006. Yeah. I'll be going to CVS shortly!

My awesome boots have a home of their own

I can see the floor!


Thomas said...

*raspberries*??? You decide to clean on a nice day and decide to *Toot* women are so fickle.

get a receipt for all those donations to goodwill.

Kitty him schmart.

extroc - as in YOU ROCK, but with a bit EXTRA.

Thomas said...

OH - and YAY for long weekends. Especially 9 day long weekends, they Extroc!!

meanisty - oopsie was the above a bit ME Nasty?

Thumperdd said...

Good for you...cleaning out that closet.

I periodically go through the entire house and toss stuff. It drives my hubby crazy but I have this minor, nutty, quirk that I can't stand clutter. It's on those little freakouts that this occurs. Anyway, I've noticed that I always find little goodies that I've forgotten on these nutty days. It's almost a treasure hunt for me now. Your camera is one of those little treasures - hope there's something good on there!

Hey, does that ever happen to you on your winter coats? I stick my hand in the pocket for the first time each season and pull out all kinds of stuff. Heck, 2 years running I've found $20!

Haley said...

thanks for the link to ike's story. my friend in austin knows ike's mom and gave me her book. i'll have to call her and get more info. thanks again for sharing. i can't imagine what the family is going through.