For helpers on the super secret cotton projectof 2009 : You know who you are

First off, Thank you all so much for offering to help.
I just went to Michael's and bought these...
So if you're looking for color ideas, you can see there's quite a range :)

I estimate I should have enough that each of you shouldn't need to make any more than 5-6 each.

Basically, mostly pastels, brights if they're kinda tealish or include brown. Any questions please email me at jadielady at (the @ sign)


Cindy said...

You bought yarn? Weren't you try not to buy more? tsk tsk ... ;)

Thomas said...

*She got you good Jadie*


thtsitho - That's it Ho!

Dana said...'s cotton (which, personally, I don't consider yarn), so you're still good in my book. :) Heeeee

I will find some nice pastels and pick them up. I went looking at a local retailer and all they had were "gumball machine" colors. Cute, but not pastels.