First sock of 2009!!!! (with Tripsie as usual)

As usual, Tripsie came running as soon as the camera came on.
Take 1

Take 2
Take 3

*pushes out of the way and gets bitten*
My first sock in my own hand-dyed yarn is done! Horray!

Fits like a dream (and goes awesome with these pants)

I still love this heel


Dianne said...

OH MY..IT'S Gorgeous!! This is my
2nd trip to Ravelry to check for it..but well worth the time...Great Job My Dear!! I know you can't wait now to get the mate she won't be lonely..HUGS!!

turtlegirl76 said...

Cool! It looks great!

Thomas said...

Hey that sock looks really nice. Very much you Rock the Sock!

courc - not so much a word as it is a last name. A precursor to Couric. A more politically correct way of not having to say CourICK.

Opal said...

i love it! the yarn is beautifully dyed!

Thumperdd said...

Oh my I have sock envy...

It's beautiful, even though it's a sock.:-) Lovely job on the dye and knitting! It looks like it's all snug and cozy. AND the heel is fantastic. Good for you! (I'm reaching through the screen giving you a great big pat on the back - pat, pat, pat...)