Sorry. I keep meaning to post after Christmas things, but the evil stomach bug hit our family pretty hard, and I'm out of time off at work (its use it or lose it) so I'm plugging on through :).
I will try to get pictures taken and up by tomorrow.


Nikki said...

{{{hugs}}} isn't that always the way? use your time so you don't lose it and then need it.

hope you're feeling better very soon!

Cindy said...

yikes.. I hope you feel better soon

Dana said...

Take your time - - been there, did that two weeks ago. (You caught the virus even when I didn't come to Knit Night).

White rice, yoghurt and lots of water helped me out. I hope all of you feel better soon and have a great New Year!

idiotboy said...

Hope to u get better!!!

Thomas said...

DANA does the Braty too!
See, I'm smart, I make things go!

Happy New Year, dear.