Another day off!

I've been burning days off recently, because we cannot carry them over into the next year, and our company will not pay us for any used time.
Today, I went Christmas shopping with Idiotboy. I'm almost done now, just a few more little things :D

I did not knit much today, but I did make these necklaces for a co-worker's step-daughters.

As usual, as soon as Tripsie heard the camera turn on she came running - she's barely visible as a blur in the first photo.

And here she is again in the second one. Such a little nutcase. I'll try to get a better picture when she's asleep upstairs or something.

With exactly 2 weeks until Christmas, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get everything done in time. I really think I might actually make it... except for the sweater for myself. But I'm not giving up hope, however it is lowest on my priority of things to work on at the moment.

I hope everyone is safe and doing well.
Also, just in case anyone is racking their brain for gift ideas for me I have a wishlist over there *points to the right and down a bit* I need to remember to add this

Kitty is doing better and better every day, although the other day a loud noise startled him, and instead of darting off he fell over like a fainting goat. Poor little guy :(

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Thomas said...

Interesting giftie list there Jadielady.

you should get a video recorder to caption the kitty/tripsie antics.