30 by 30

Its the time of year when many people start looking towards the future, and setting goals.
I've come up with a few. I wanted to post them for the world to see to keep me honest.

The first one, is to lose 30 lbs by my 30th birthday. Sorry mom, I know you don't want people knowing how old I am :P
I think that 30 lbs in roughly 6 months is fairly achievable. I'm using http://www.gyminee.com/ to track my progress. I was excited to think about my end-weight but then I stepped on the scale at work, so I have a secondary goal to lose an additional 20 lbs (so 50 total) by this time next year.

I'm also putting myself on a yarn diet. My yarn spending is OUT OF CONTROL!!! And I have way too much yarn. Not to mention all the clubs that I have joined. I will not cancel these clubs, but I'm not going to buy any more yarn outside of those ... except as noted below.

Now, the important part of any goal is rewards!
Any month where I complete 1 pair of socks AND one item for charity, I may support one of my etsy friends, or purchase something from the Loopy Ewe.
Any month where I drop 5 lbs I may purchase an additional yarny goodness.

In May, as long as I have stuck to all my goals, then I can go BUCK WILD at the Sedalia Fiber Festival, which is on my birthday :D

I have started a new tag of 2009 goal for whenever I talk about how I'm doing.


Dianne said...

Good Luck with your goals!! I am sure you can achieve all of them..I wish I were so dedicated to say I'd join you on the weight loss..but I'm too lazy at this point to set that goal..and I'm sure I'd fail miserably at a yarn diet..lol..
I'll just cheer you on..and if you need..a 'fix'..just yell..and I'll send you a skein!!

Thomas said...

Dianne is such a tease...

Okay, so how do I keep you snarkiliciously on track...

*without being a prick?*
*crap now I have a 2009 goal!!!*
Thanks a lot.

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Those sound like great goals! Good luck!!

Me...I have a few more weeks to think mine over :)

Cindy said...

Oooohh.. good luck.

Maybe I should join you on the weight loss goal.. but 29 pounds till 29 just sounds silly,... its almost the same time range though :)

Haley said...

Good luck with your goals. I'm sure you can do it. But just to add my 2 cents worth, you in no way look like you need to lose 50 lbs.

Nikki said...

Where are those plurk clapping hands here?? LOL (OMG! I just so totally typed (lol)!!!)

You can do it!!!

Dana said...

Well, you're brave soul to boldly post your goals and having done so, I've no doubt you'll succeed! (I second Haley on the 50 lbs though).

What kind of charity items are you interested in knitting? WICs' usually need stuff (fyi).

Your "treat/I've damned well earned it" plan sounds good too. Shoot...maybe I should set a by-Sedalia-goal and join you in the buck wild adventures. Hmmmmm.

Unknown said...

I'm so lacking on leaving comments and also in keeping up with blogs lately. :(
You are beautiful right now but if you think you need to lose weight I can understand that feeling. I know I need to but I'm not mentally ready to change my lifestyle just now. Good luck with your goals. I know you can do it.
I am surprised I haven't gone crazy with yarn buying. I have more than I need but it all fits in one big knitting bag so I think I'm still keeping it under control. :)