What a day....

I just spent half an hour typing out my day and a witty description of all these pictures and firefox crashed and I lost it all, so to heck with it!

Kitty hates us 'cause we put in ear drops

Tripsie is a camera whore.

I got yarn. YAY

This yarn is for gifties. Tee hee.

I've got some work done on my sweater.

My car is dead. BOOOOOO
*gives up and goes back to bed*


Thomas said...

Blue yarn priddy.
Kitty priddy.
Tripsie priddy.
Car suckie.

Unknown said...

How frustrating to spend all that time typing just to have it lost and then your car dies! Grrr

Pretty yarn makes it all better, right? :D

Dianne said...

Love your Kitties, Sweater is going to be awesome..love the yarn and it's such fun to knit with..and yes..it sucks that your car is sick..hope it's not a costly illness..Happy Thanksgiving~

Dana said...

If it's an consolation, I laughed out loud when I read your post (sorry that you lost your witty descriptions, but the trite ones were hysterical, e.g. "camera whore", "hates us," got yarn - yay".) :D

Again, sorry to hear about the car trouble. P.S. I mailed the roving yesterday afternoon, so you should be getting it at any time.