And now back to our regularly scheduled programming

Hello, I'm back! Feeling much better thank you for everyone who asked (and Kitty's feeling much better too, he was upstairs in the shower lapping up the water this morning).

I wish this was the last time I said this but: The stock prices of a company do not reflect the financial strength or stability of said company. We're fine thank you very much. Repeat ad infinitum until this mess clears up.

Anywho. Tonight was knit night in Bedford and I needed it badly! I love getting together with these ladies and just sit and knit and chat about silly things. They thought I might not brave the rain but I really do enjoy the quiet time, and its so much easier to knit without a cat who wants to get on your lap.

Tonight I got to play with my drop spindle! Dana was kind enough to help me get started.

I'm amused by the story of how I got the container I'm using to keep it. On Halloween at work, they sent an email to everyone and said that there were some treats or tricks in front of one of the breakrooms. Everyone assumed it was either candy, or maybe food - but no! It was piled up, unwanted office supplies! Well, being an office supply nerd i grabbed up this box :) And its perfect for my roving and spindle. Keeps it well out of Miss Tripsie's grubby little claws (and teeth).

I also worked on my sweater, having received my needles yesterday in the mail. Its just started and the picture still doesn't do the yarn justice.

Tomorrow I am going to Petsmart with Idiotboy to prepare for his adoption of another friend's cat, Vincent. I can show you a video of him, but to cater to my friends with dial-up *coughThomascough* I will just share the link and not embed the video.

I hope everyone is doing well and I am so ready for the weekend!!!


Thomas said...

Awwww would you look at that:
A pretty *link*
A pretty drop spindle thingie
and a yarn thong.

Nice work Jadiekins.

Dana said...

I wasn't any help with the spindle - - I've just seen it done a couple of times. I'll get that roving to you as soon as we return from Richmond. My plan is to have it in the mail on Monday.

Thank you so much for the sock book loan! Dianne & Linda gave me some STR in May that I've been petting, but not knitting. I think I'm going to pull one of those patterns and cast on at long last.

I love our knit nights too! At some point in time, we'll have to hit the coffee shop on Bridge Street. Warm drinks and a couch on which to park my bum sounds very good. What do you think?