Is almost over, and I seriously doubt I will get to knit very much tomorrow or Saturday. So, here's where I stand:

I finished these baby booties for Sam's sister's baby. Which is good 'cause baby was born this morning! Here's the pattern if you want it.

Here's my actual sock progress for the month:

As usual, Tripsie has to be in the picture.

A little closer.
So basically one and 3/4 of a sock. If anyone is good at estimating yardiage please let me know, as I'm in the Stash & Burn socktober contest. I doubt I made my goal of 1,000 but I'm not sure how to guess.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween. I will be celebrating by dressing up as a Gnome Warlock (my apologies for whoever drew this as I am stealing it kthx)

and going to see Kevin Smith's new flick. Woohoo!


Thomas said...

Damn girl - the booties be the bomb! Wurk doz needles jadiezzle - Fo'shizzle!

Yay - Tripsie the 3-legged sock harlot!

oooh purdy progressing socks in the Hizzzzziieee!

Gnomlock J'Deee - go werk yer majix

Dana said...

The socks and booties are excellent! Congratulations on the new baby too.

Have fun tonight!