The kindness of knitters - Pay it forward

Somethings I have grown to learn about knitters:
They are kind, generous of their time and talents, and they are some of the sweetest people on earth. In fact, tonight when I was at the post office waiting in line, and I sneezed, and the woman behind me said "Bless you" my first thought was "I wonder if she's a knitter."

This kindness and generosity was made no more apparent than when one of my knitty friends, Kyle had a Pay it Forward blog post. Someone had done something kind for him, so he was "paying it forward." And today when I checked my mail, I received his lovely handknit gift, just for me!!!

Tripsie thinks it smells like maybe Kyle has a pet ;)
(she got impatient for the flash - durn diva).

His picture does this gorgeous scarf much more justice than mine, so I hope he doesn't mind if I use it (no worries, I was very good and never once peeked).

Not only is it pretty (and PURPLE!!) but it is also the softest yarn I've ever felt. Now I just hope it gets cold enough to wear it soon :)

He also included some lovely notecards, which are available in his shop. Please note that a portion of the sale of these cards goes to benefit a no-kill animal sanctuary in Southern California so please check them out!

Thank you Kyle!!!
Now its my turn. Who would like something knit just for them, by me? I can't promise how long it'll take (It is Socktober after all)
Speaking of Socktober, here's my sock after the 3rd pattern repeat.



Thomas said...

ooooooh pretty purple. Soft huh?
*tries to touch* ...durn

I will graciously bow out of the pay-it-forward since I already have a nifty knitty from you. Thankie.

It's going to be COLD tomorrow.

Mari said...

pretty! looks warm and cozy.

Unknown said...

Oh that scarf looks so pretty!

The Lewis Show said...

Very good to see there are still plenty kind and sweet people out there. Especially now..

Dana said...

Kyle sounds wonderful and his/your scarf is beautiful! :)

See you tomorrow & again, have fun with the pod people tonight. LOL

Kyle William said...

so happy you like it - give the kitty a hug for me... and have a GREAT weekend!! :) I'm gonna "steal" that photo of you in your new scarf to put on my ravelry project page... I hope you don't mind :) -

Haley said...

love how the yarn goes so nicely with the texture of the pattern. what sock pattern are you doing?

tata said...

I *totally* agree about knitters. Every knitter I've met so far is absolutely generous with time and talent, sharing their trade secrets with me. The scarf is beautiful, as are the socks. :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, how sweet. And what a lovely scarf it is.