Home sweet home

(durnit, now I have Motley Crue stuck in my head)
We're back!
Friday we drove down to beautiful NC to visit my folks. Sam was kind enough to offer free technical assistance, which was VERY MUCH Appreciated by my parents.
Mom and I watched copious amounts of Law & Order while Sam worked on Dad's computer. We also played with my new sisters:
Tucker and Taffy!

Saturday morning, mom and I departed for our Yarn Crawl to Charlotte. I mapped out how to get to Charlotte Yarn where Fairieknits and Turtlegirl work. Unfortunately, neither mom or I were aware that Virginia Tech and East Carolina were playing in Charlotte, and that the exit we planned to take was the same one for the huge stadium... once we got past that though traffic wasn't bad.
Fairieknits was not there because she went to Dragoncon the lucky duck!!! But I did get to meet Turtlegirl who was very nice :) She was so nice that she gave us directions to our next stop, Rainy Day
Mom and I bought some yarn at each store, and I also bought a niddy noddy which will help me in my goals of dyeing yarn.

We decided to stop ONE LAST PLACE which turned out to be a fun store, but didn't buy anything there. It was quite a bit of what some people might call artfibers, and wasn't quite our thing.
Unfortunately, when we got back on the highway there was an accident several miles up and traffic was at a standstill. 45 minutes, 3 miles, and the next exit we took to take the back roads.
Old school drive-in restaurant. I didn't see anyone on roller skates though.

Sunday morning we all went to church, and then more knitting and computer fixing. I started a new pair of socks.
This is actually yarn that I got from Turtlegirl when she was doing a destash, and its knitting up so pretty. The camera doesn't quite capture the colors, but you get the idea :)

Now that we're home, Kitty can set down his house-guarding duties and finally get some rest.

I'll get some pictures of my new haul tomorrow maybe. I've been having some computer problems, so getting pictures off of the sd card isn't going so well.
Hope everyone had a safe and happy Labor Day weekend for those who celebrate it, and a safe weekend and Monday for those who don't.
ALSO! Big congrats to Roz Savage who has finished the first 1/3rd of her row across the Pacific when she made landfall in Hawaii earlier today. I'm so excited for her :) You can read her blog at that address, or download the podcasts she did with Leo Laporte on Itunes. I'm still behind on the podcast but its very enjoyable and a fun listen.


turtlegirl76 said...

What was the other place you went to with the art fibers?

Thomas said...

My what big paws Mr. Kitty has...
Congratulations on your new sisters.
Welcome home, I missed it.

Nikki said...

I'm on my way... just set me free....

oh sorry...

great socks! and you literally went on a yarn crawl didn't you? how awful about the traffic!

Dana said...

Tucker & Taffy are adorable and I bet you did have fun with them. The yarn crawl (all but the traffic) sounded wonderful! Glad you enjoyed your weekend so thoroughly. :)