Weee knit night!

I just got home from a very fun time knitting in Bedford! Dana and Dyana were there, as well as some other ladies, who's Ravelry names I can't remember offhand.
We had such a blast, knitting, chatting even some spinning! Dana offered to let me try her wheel, but I decided one new expensive venture is enough for now ;)
I look forward to going again in September.

For now, I think my knitting is done for the night. Kitty missed me very much and is sleeping on my lap.


Nikki said...

glad you got to go! I wish I could've been there :)

Thomas said...

And Mr. Kitty appreciates the momma time.

Dianne said...

WE so enjoyed you being there..plus getting to see your fabulous yarn...great job..We also look forward to seeing you again next month..I'll send another reminder...just to jolt the memory...hugs

Dana said...

I had a lot of fun meeting everyone too. Your hand-dyed is gorgeous!

See you next month. :)