My yarn pr0n let me show you it.

YAY Today started off pretty rotten, with me realizing that I left my ipod at home. Which for me, is a DISASTER.
Luckily, I remembered that I had a copy of an audio book a friend had given me. So I enjoyed Coraline.
Then, I checked my PO Box and had two packages!!! And then I got home and had one more!!!!!

Tripsie says one of them smells funny.

First I opened the Loopy Ewe box. This is the new Lime & Violet Intention line which is now completely sold out!

Also from Lime & Violet, I got my sniffies!!

Handmade soap, yummy smelling oil, and look! A special treat! Some candy :) Tripsie says "I told you this one smelled funny"

From Nerdclub 2000 I received a special order. The Skein that broke my heart. I'd had my eye on it for a while, and then one day it was gone! I lamented my loss over on plurk, and she was kind enough to do a special custom order.
Right now she has some beautiful hand-dyed yarns based on the elements of the periodic chart.

Kitty stayed upstairs, making sure no-one stole my package from the sidewalk. He's such a good guardkitty :)


Anonymous said...

of course I like the GREEN, but the red candy cane I like too. Weee, you should ever soo much more happy now. cause you were a tad Maximus Grumpus this morning. YAY for Jadie!!!!

Nikki said...

yeah! I like all the goodies!!

Dana said...

"Maximum Grumpus"? That's funny. God forbid my kids should learn that term - - I'd never be "Mom" again.

Your yarns are wonderful and I really like the colors!

Dianne said...

What a nice haul!!
You have some beauties there..

Anonymous said...

Green yarn! I love green yarn. I think my green yarn outnumbers all the other colours I have 2:1.

On a side note, Kitty looks just like my Marley boy! Kitteh twins!