An almost perfect day.

This morning, we woke up, took it easy, ate some cereal, and then went to the beach.
Its perfect temperature outside. Sam went down in the water, which was a lot colder than it was yesterday, I assume because it rained last night.

Here are some pictures of our view.

After that, we came back to the room for some lunch and a nap.
I knit for a while, and ate some goldfishies.

Sam's gone to see Pearl Jam with his friend from work, and so now I am finishing up my supper,


and drinking some wine

(yes, in a plastic cup).
Gosh darn perfect day.

I miss my babies :(

Also - please go by Can'tnevercoulddonothing aka Thomas' blog, his grandfather passed away :( Thomas was very close to his grandfather, and its a hard time for him.

Oh! And a big thank you to Idiotboy for taking care of our kitties.


Anonymous said...

I do miss my gramps. Thank you for acknowledging that on your blog Ms. Jadie. Nice view, the kitties I'm sure are teaching Idiotboy a thing or two... and hmmmm your dinner looks like you ate some veggies... but I know better. Show the trash can... show it!!! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream last night that Jadie and Sam went on a 'Most Excellent' adventure today. ...I can't wait to read about it in der bloggermeister.

Dana said...

Yours did sound like a perfect day. Food, wine, knitting and the beach sound like a winning combination to me. :)