Here comes Speed Racer!!!

Tonight, Sam and I went to see Speed Racer!
First off, movies on a Monday? Brilliant! We were alone in the theater!
Secondly, I fear with the other upcoming blockbusters, Speed Racer won't be in the theaters much longer. Please make sure you see it on the bigscreen before you loose your chance!
Its beautiful, gorgeous visuals. Everything looks creepy real. You can loose yourself in the sky.
Also, the plot? AWESOME WRITING! Yes, you heard me. There's a plot! And its good, and to steal from Sam "cohesive," and... its just good! I kept finding myself saying Hey! There's that guy from Coupling! etc. Great actors throughout.

So please, SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!


Lyman said...

Will it make me sick?

Movies can give me motion sickness.

Unknown said...

I am not sure why this film has gotten some of the bad press that it has gotten, or why it has not become a bigger hit than it is.

In time, people will come to realized how this film has changed the rules about how to make a film. People should definitely see it.

Unknown said...

If you are prone to motion sickness, this film could cause it. The races are more strobing light than swift motion that you find in most race films, but there is a good chance.