YAY! Finally a podcast review!
On Ravelry, in one of the many podcast groups I'm in, someone mentioned Coverville.
Sadly, I can't remember who :(
But, being a huge fan of covers and parodies I checked it out.
I will say, the first 2 episodes that I listened to weren't quite my cup of tea. However, the podcaster performs his listeners an awesome service, that I wish more people did. He inserts stop/start points so that you can skip through tracks you don't like!!
Because of this, I downloaded a few more episodes, and really enjoyed the Parody episode from April 1 (aside from the Rick Roll, bastard), and March 16th's episode, which featured a Jazzy/Bluegrassy rendition of Collective Soul's Shine.
The track list is given in the shownotes and on the website, so you can see at a glance if its an episode you'll be interested in or not.
Definitely worth checking out.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly: when I try to watch these things, it's like watching grass grow. Poor little ole dial-up me.