Just some content updates

Hullo! YAY Flu is gone! Thanks to all the well wishes, and for not saying I'm being whiney or anything ;) also YAY We're getting a 2nd cat! Her name is Tripod, and yes she has 3 legs.
Now with the bloggy stuff!

Thanks to lots of late night fever induced brainstorms, I wanted to point out a new feature I'm adding Right now *click.. click click.... type type.... click* see?
Got the idea when thinking about a game an ole internet friend of mine (Oh, shut up Ipe, you're not old but we have known each other what... 12 years now?) have played.. well.. I guess about 12 years now.
Check out the new weekly poll random thingy. There's no question. There's not even a right answer. Just 2 options. Go ahead, pick one :)
You can choose the one you like better. You can choose the one you think sucks. Doesn't matter :)
And if you'd like, you can leave me a comment about why you chose it.
Now, about comments.... I've had to turn on that annoying word confirmation thing. I'm sorry, I hated to do it ('cause I can't make out what the durn things say half the time..) but I've gotten 2 evil spammy spyware looking posts in the last week. So had to be done for your protection.

Also, for your convenience, I've added google search over there too *points* You can search Jadielady.com or the whole world wide internets.


Anonymous said...

I voted, but I won't say which way!

Good to hear the flu's gone, missy. ^_^

Jerry said...

Nice to see you feeling better!
I voted for the one with the best Ginger Ale. IMPO