I wanna Rock!

Ignore the wet/unbrushed hair please.
YAY! Tonight is the Saliva & Drowning Pool show. Even better, I has a designated driver. Thank you Sherri!
I'm loading up on water (ick) to prepare for sweating and drinking.

Also exciting news, today a new 4q podcast was up! And even more exciting, they feature Airbourne! A band I've been meaning to check up because they're coming to Cattle Annie's soon too!
Its so exciting to finally see a rock scene here in the Burg. Big thanks to everyone involved, kudos include myself and the Wrecking Crew for dutifully posting fliers up whenever St Diablo came to town. Shame its taken this long.


Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated but thanks for coming by my blog and for giving me the heads up on the State episodes available on iTunes. Had no idea and just made my day.


Anonymous said...

I hope your feeling better Jadie. Get your rest.