Thank you for all the positive thinking, Sam's surgery went just fine :)
Special thanks to idiotboy for hanging out with us at the hospital.
My honey's on lortab, so he's been sleeping the last 5 or so hours... hasn't moved an inch. Also good news, apparantly the "No fast food rule" is only for the first 24 hours.
Even so, I think I did pretty good! See those green things? I think they're called... vegetables... That's Sam's plate - mine had corn ;)

Hope to have some more podcast reviews in the next week or two, I've found a ravelry friend in NC who does one about her bunnies :)
Now to see how badly Kitty cries when I shut the bedroom door... I might just crash down here with him so Sam can sleep peacefully.

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Anonymous said...

Glad everything is going well.. I enjoyed hanging out with ya too :) Hopefully it won't take surgery for it to happen again. Take care you guys.. Much love!!!!