Tink Knit

So, was just having a little conversation with my friend Thomas (maker of Yarlow). Now, for those of you who knit, bear with me... I think I maybe just never got this one.
Knitting has 2 main stitch types. Knitting, and Purling. Thomas asked me what Purl meant. I said "Its the opposite stitch of knitting."
He said "Well, why don't they call it tinking?"
Tinking, is what its called when you mess up, and have to essentially knit backwards back to your mistake. Instead of knitting stitches from the left onto the right needle, you go backwards. Make sense?
Now, what never occured to me until he typed that (trying to be a smart ass) is that Tink is literally, Knit Backwards.
*smacks forehead*

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Ruth said...

I had the same thing happen when I watched some commercial, and at the end the announcer said "gaymon" It took me until lat week to figure out that he was saying; Game on".