Movies and random weird ideas!

Last night Sam and I watched the new animated Dragonlance movie. Its based on the first book, Dragons of Autumn Twilight. I really enjoyed it, and can't wait for the next one when Kitiara starts kicking ass!

Also had an idea for a possible new tatto - needs some explanation though. I currently have a tattoo on my right shoulder:

Now, when I went to San Diego Con (almost two years ago *sniffle*) a man asked me if it was meant to represent the Isle of Man, because of this coin:

Well, I explained that it wasn't, though I can see the similarity, as I'm assuming it all is based on the Celtic Triskele.
Well, when I was googling last night for the Isle of Man foot thing, I found this!!

So now, I can has 2 tattoos based on Isle of Man coins.
Also last night, I had a weird flash of inspiration.... I think I might try to cut up my old shower curtain, which was VERY PRETTY... and.. knit with it!

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