So yesterday, Mikey called me an Ergonerd. Since it took my poor addled brain a few seconds to figure out what he meant, I'll make up a definition: Someone who is seriously addicted to all thing ergonomic.

Now.... this got me thinking. I know other people like grippy pens like the Dr. Grip. But am I really going farther than normal people to attain comfort?

As pictured, my Dr. Grip, my wrist support thingies, which have become more and more necessary between frantic Christmas knitting, cold weather, and work. I also am sporting my super comfy full-body-squishy pillow. Sam teases me, but I sleep with the top part bent under me to support my curvy spine, and the bottom part tucked between my legs to support my cruddy knees and hips.

At work, I have my old Natural Keyboard and Wrist pad.

So what do YOU do to be comfortable?


Unknown said...

he he. Ergonerd. Snort.

The Lewis Show said...

I prefer pain and carpel tunnel, or whatever.

Actually I have to have 2 pillows. If I have 1 I will not sleep and I will pretty much guarantee waking up in utter misery!