Last night, Sam discovered that some of his friends have been recording a podcast, called Lancast! These are guys involved in the Lan Party organization here in Lynchburg. They discuss games, systems, and chat a little about LAG Event memories. So far I've only listened to 3 of them, because they're almost all over an hour long (several are 2!). The first couple had some sound issues, but they're overall very entertaining.
Also, please make sure to Digg them :)

I never knew one person could talk about health meters for so long.
Also, apologies if my typing sucks, I have someone in my space bubble (see picture, he likes to touch the booby).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for listening! I hope we are entertaining you :)

The Lewis Show said...

Pretty entertaining stuff.

Who knew that LANs can provide such a variety of conversation?

Anonymous said...

I'm the health meter guy...
Thanks for listening!!!