History According to Bob

As promised, another podcast review! History according to Bob is a DAILY 10-15 minute podcast. Its great for history nerds like me :)
Over the last month or so that I've been listening, he has talked about everything from several First Ladies, the Mastersons, and several episodes about WWI which he's now wrapping up. If you want, you can even order CD's of his older shows, which he's been doing for at least 2 years by the looks of it.

Also readers, as some of you may have noticed I have a nifty map in my side menu. I check every morning and am THRILLED when I see new dots, and other dots getting bigger :)
I'd love to know who some of you are (though I have guesses for a few of you;))
Please feel free to leave a shout-out in the comments field. I'm also working on making some kind of box to where you can submit a podcast to be reviewed.
I can be reached when I'm home at MaraJade97 on AIM, GLSWOMAN on Yahoo. Hope to hear from you all soon :)


Unknown said...

I love your background!!! I have also added you to my blogroll... hope all is well in hill city!

Jadielady said...

Thanks Kelly!
Its.... hilly :P
Happy Halloween!