Welcome to my new little home on the net. I've been toying with the idea of a blog for a long time now, back to my livejournal days, and then periodically on myspace and pownce and friendster.
(If you're on any of these sites let me know and maybe we can be friends).
The reason I'd never taken the time to set up a blog previously, is I really didn't feel I had anything to offer the internet community. But today I had an idea!
I was on www.digg.com last night, and started looking through all the podcasts. It occured to me as I was further and further in the "less popular" podcasts, but seeing ones that I'd been listening to and found very entertaining/informative, that maybe I could review podcasts, and showcase interesting ones that maybe further off the beaten path than G4 and Diggnation.

I hope to do one new review a week, at least for a while. Also this will be the home for my random thoughts. Keep an eye out for my twitter feed which I'll do as soon as I figure out how.
I'm sure the Lewis Show will link me, so I'm bound to get traffic ;)
Thanks for your inspiration dood!

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The Lewis Show said...

I'm in ur blog. Making Comints! Congrats, Jessi. I hope more than anything you have fun in this creative outlet.

tk3sol2 said...

Justice Jadie has been set free to intercourse with the blogdomverse. HIDE !!!

Mari said...

Thanks for sharing.
I started on LJ, too.
Good luck on the lace!
(I am avoiding my lace project right now.)