I've posted before about wanting to lose weight, save money, buy less yarn, get organized etc. Well, I think I've thought of a way to do it. But, since my employer blocks the ChoreWars site and not blogger - I figured I'd make my idea public, and that way you, my dear readers, can help keep me accountable.

If you've never been to Chorewars, it's a pretty neat little idea. You creat your own "quests" and assign a reward value.
I'm going to use it to help me save money, do things I need to do, and reward myself accordingly.
I will set up chores for Working Out, Meeting Calorie Goals, Throwing Things Away, Not falling into temptation when I get email updates from yarnshops, finishing a knitting project or using up/destashing yarn, and moving money into my savings account.

For each of my good deeds, I will assign an appropriate point value (daily things will probably be 1 point each) and each point will represent $1 I can spend.

So for example, I want to limit the amount of yarn I buy before I use up any more - So I'll probably say for every pair of socks I knit I can get 5 points - then I have to knit 4-5 pairs of socks before I can afford more sock yarn.

If I want to buy more clothes, I first have to get rid of stuff I don't wear and get it to all fit in my closet and dresser.
Hopefully this will help keep me honest. And you will too!


Nikki said...

you can do it!!

Dana said...

Well, I was going to tease you and start dropping upcoming festival names, but since I've pretty much got the same goals, I think I'll behave. :)

WWKIP at Wool2Dye4 - 6/19/10. Will you be able to come?

Spinning Ninny said...

I've never seen ChoreWars before. I'll have to check it out. Good luck with all of your goals. I am with you on all fronts. :)

Spinning Ninny said...

Blasphemy that you own 2 other Namaste bags you don't use!

Unknown said...

Where are you?? :( Busy on chorewars? hehe