I've never considered myself to be a granola-crunching, tree-hugging, hippie, but recent events have caused me to take a look at what I can do to be a little bit of a better resident of our planet.

I think I've mentioned Roz Savage before.. She is on her 3rd and final leg of her row across the Pacific Ocean. I've really enjoyed listening to her podcast and reading her blog. She has partnered with the folks over at Eco-Heroes to help people realize all the little ways we can do great things for the environment. You don't have to go vegetarian or eat only locally produced foods or reusable wipes instead of toilet paper (yeah, that one seems a bit extreme for me). Some of the ideas are also great ways of improving your own life!

Do you receive tons of annoying junk mail? Multiple catalogs from the same place? Phone books? (who uses phone books anymore!!) Go to this link for lots of easy ways to stop the junk mail.

Take a cup or mug to work and drink from that. Most coffee places are happy to fill your mug instead of giving you those paper cups. Drink water from a reusable container - it's better for you and free, vs buying that $1 soda. Even if you don't cut soda out completely (I sure can't) I have saved $2 per day and lost some weight by replacing 2 of the sodas I used to get daily with about a 32 oz of ice water in my reusable cup.

We've finally started recycling soda cans and cardboard (yarn buyers build up lots of boxes *ahem*) and the amount of trash we (Sam) have to carry to the curb has gone WAY down.

So take a look around, think of a few little things you can do, and feel rightfully smug :)


~RaenWa~ said...

Thanks for the link about the junk mail. I swear I get tons of junk mail & have no idea where it comes from.

Haley said...

We are so lucky that the city we live in has a great recycling program. We produce more recyclables each week than we do trash. As a family of four (even with one in diapers) we generally only have one bag of garbage each week. One thing we do to save money and help the earth is always pack water in our cups/water bottles instead of buying juice boxes or pouches. There are lots of little things we can do. Thanks for the encouragment.

Dana said...

Yes, thank you. I'm definitely going to follow the link.