Well, its been quite a week for everyone. Globally, there were the devastating earthquakes in Haiti. Closer to home there was a horrible shooting in Appomattox which has torn several families to pieces.

While this isn't anywhere near as devastating, its what's been weighing on our minds. At home, miss Tripsie had a bit of a problem too.
As you know, Kitty has been battling ear mites for the last year or so. The medicine our vet had given us made him very sick, so we've been fighting them as well as we could with vinegar and q-tips.

Recently, Kitty and Tripsie had been getting along better. Which while it was good they were getting closer, it meant Tripsie finally caught Kitty's ear mites.

Look, actual physical contact!

We noticed early this past week that her right ear appeared swollen. When it didn't seem to get better, we googled "swollen cat ear" and realized she may have shaken her ears so hard she burst a blood vessel. We were right.
Thursday she went to the vet, and was sedated and put under so that her ear could be shaved and operated on. She came home Thursday night and was a hissyfitty mess.
We were heartbroken, thinking all her recent progress of being more friendly was lost.

Luckily, Friday morning she seemed to be more herself.

And today her ear seems to be standing up more normally.

She has 4-5 small stitches throughout her ear, and she'll have to go back in about 2 weeks to have them removed. It's actually quite good that she doesn't have her right hind leg, she can't tear the stitches out!

So please, pet owners! If your pet is shaking its head, please try to find the root cause and fix it as soon as possible.

In other news, I have been knitting more.
I've got a monkey and a half.

And I'm to the row before the last set of increases on my Shalom Cardigan. Next I'll separate out for the arms !
And, so that he doesn't feel left out, here's Kitty!! Kitty is actually doing much better. We found an ear mite medication which has the same stuff as what the vet gave us, but weaker doses, so it doesn't make him sick. His ears look so CLEAN!!!

"Why you wake me?!"


The Lewis Show said...

Your kitties are both lucky to have a good mom and pop. Not only are they so well taken care of but so dang spoiled!

Denise said...

Actually you could use mineral oil in their ears. It suffocates the ear mites.

Dana said...

Poor babies! I second Lewis here - - the cats are lucky to have you. Glad to hear that both are doing well now. Ear mites are a miserable business - - Libbie had them when we first got her.

Your monkey socks are gorgeous! I'm sure the Shalom will be too (love the color btw).

Dana said...

ENABLING?!?! Ha! You and your unbreakable yarn bowls and sock clubs. You're as much an enabler as I am! lol