Looking back/looking Forward

Being the end of the year, it seems natural to look back at what we were doing at this time last year. Since I shared my goals with you all last year, I thought I should own up to what I did and did not manage to do!

1. Lose weight. Well, while I definitely failed in this area (I think I've actually gained some) I am not upset because I know that I am a much healthier person. I eat salads fairly often now, and they include more than just lettuce, carrots, and ranch dressing. I'm more physically fit, I drink water on occasion, and I have a lot more energy.
2. Yarn Diet. Um, ok so I have way more yarn now than I did last year BUT my spending habits are better under control. I owe a big part of this success to Mint.com which ROCKS. It showed me how much I was spending and helped me to put a limit on myself, with a Digital Wristslap if I went over. So while I spent more wisely, thanks to being in multiple yarn clubs, I just accumulated way more than I could knit.

Which brings me to my goals for this year.
1. I want to complete one project per month. This may sound super rediculously easy, but I am an ADD Knitter as in all things, and sometimes I get a bit of cast-on-itis. I also tend to get a case of "OMG this facebook game is awesome and I shall play it 5 hours a day." So sometimes I don't knit for fairly long stretches of time, or I'll swap back and forth so many projects that none of them see any drastic progress. I am going to partially achieve this by doing something I saw on Ravelry. I am printing off patterns, collecting all needed materials, and putting them in a plain paper bag. Put the bags in the closet - whenever I feel like starting something new I grab a bag and cast on!
2. Read. If you don't include Audio Books, I don't think I read any books in 2009. 0! So I want to keep a book on my nightstand, and read a few pages of that instead of catching up on twitter or looking at lolcat pictures on my phone every night before bed. I've already started reading Rowing The Atlantic by Roz Savage (pardon, can't find how to underline).
3. Continue to eat healthier! I've made some very good steps in the right direction. I just need to keep it up and get back to a good work-out routine.

We're heading out to party with our nerds. Happy New Year everyone!!!!


Dianne said...

I like goals better than resolutions! Congrats on meeting 'some' and sticking to them.
Great idea of your project bags..I tend to get a severe case of 'startitis' and have too many projects going..so I'm going to try and empty some needles before beginning anything new or big...well..I did break down and knit a cowl a few days ago...
Happy Happy New Year..I look forward to our continued knit nites.
All the best to you and Sam in 2010~

Dana said...

If not for the gaping age difference, I would think we were separated at birth. FB vs knitting, been there/doing that, startitis (check) and lots of project bags? Absolutely, but mine are tote bags piling up in a corner of the living room. :D

Love your goals and your post made me laugh out loud!