Extravaganza stuff part 2 aka mom don't kill me.

So as you all know, yesterday was Halloween, but since I look forward to this particular holiday as an excuse to show off my geekiness at work, I dressed up on Friday.

I'm a Hobbit!! (Or as one of my facebook friends said, I'm dressed up for Firefly of the Rings)

Here's my fuzzy feet. I knit them with Red Heart and fun fur!

As I posted yesterday, that night we went to see Rocky Horror, and I went to bed with the music stuck in my head! I like the music, but when you're exausted its a bit annoying and I didn't sleep well.
But when you wake up with this face looking at you, its hard to be grumpy.

Poor Tripsie is in the background sneezing (I think her misery is part of why Kitty seems so content).

After I got ready, I headed out and then stared at this for about 2 hours.

Everyone, meet Aaron.
Aaron is my Tattoo guy! His wife is one of my friends from work, and he's done all my ink.

This picture was taken right after we finished. I emailed it to Sam, and then when I showed it to him in person he was overcome with relief. Apparently, it doesn't look so great (and looks huge) in that picture, so hopefully
is a better one (despite the shine). My dragon is about 3 inches long in the face. I think it only looks big because I have tiny arms.

the wings go all the way around my arm :)

If you're in the area and are at all interested in a tattoo please check them out. Aaron has opened his own store!

Infinity Ink Location:
Lynchburg, VA, 24502
434-237-TATZ (8289)
Tues - Thurs:
11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Fri - Sat:
11:00 am - 10:00 pm
His prices are great and he does awesome work. The shop is very clean and is GORGEOUS (I may be swayed by the purple wall and big screen tv...)

This afternoon we're going to our nephew's 1st birthday party. I feel kind of bad I didn't knit him anything, but I spent most of the last 2 weeks working on those hobbit feet and now I'm getting back onto my mini mochi socks :)
I hope everyone enjoys their extra hour today. Later!

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