SAFFRockyExtravaganza! part one

What happens when I don't blog for two whole weeks? Lots of stuff!
Last weekend was SAFF. I went down to NC and stayed at my parents' house Friday night, and then Saturday morning Mom and I headed down to Asheville.
I was a bad blogger and pretty much only took pictures of the super cute critters.

This is a picture from Painty's photostream I will take it down if she says she minds :)

Painty is one of the brilliant minds behind the online shop The Unique Sheep. They are who run the Lord of the Strings (rings) yarn club.
I also bumped into TurtleGirl76 who was helping out at the KnitWitch's shop. Both mom and I bought yarn there, I need to get it photographed.
We also bumped into Gnat from "Barknknit" podcast!
Here's the rest of my SAFF pics

I just love that face!!!!

This sheep was so eager for love she put her hooves up on the fence to get closer!

Beautiful drive. I think Rivendell must be just over that mountain.

One of the things I set out to buy was a darning egg, so that I can hopefully fix some of my socks. Normally, I think I'd use the Yarn Harlott's method "Say 'darn' and throw them away" but two of my holey socks are ones that are very special to me.

Tuesday night, when I got home from work I opened the back door to change the litter boxes. I didn't realize my neighbor's new puppy was outside (unleashed as usual) and he decided to come in for a visit.

I didn't stop to take any pictures while he was in the house, for obvious reasons, but here he is safely outside again.

Kitty and Tripsie weren't quite sure what to make of him.
After a while, puppy found a leaf to play with and darted off.

"And STAY out!"

To close out this post... last night a few of my friends and I went to see a production of the Rocky Horror show. Not the Rocky Horror PICTURE show mind you, but the actual play.

Frankenfurter was a blast. My friend James and I insisted someone get our picture with him.

Well... we're turning the lights off now to hide from trick or treaters. I'll post more either later or tomorrow :)


turtlegirl76 said...

That must have been fun to see Rocky Horror live! Cool!

It was great seeing you and your mom again. Glad you had a good time! I love using my darning egg. Why throw away a sock that is otherwise perfectly fine?

Haley said...

looks like fun. by the way, i love your hair these days. very cute!