Wuv, twue wuv

As many of my readers know, I got married this past summer :)
Several things which kept running through my mind were how grateful I was that we have friends and family who supported us, and offered their time and financial assistance as well as their talents to help us pull it off.

One of my dear sweet knitting friends and I were frequently chatting with eachother on plurk about the ups and downs of wedding planning. Brooklyn Michelle has had quite a few downs. As a resident of New Zealand their marriage license (which I think was maybe $25 here?) is $120!!! And now, someone she paid to do custom work has left her high and dry with nothing to wear!! With just 2 weeks until the wedding its quite a hustle to find something you like, that fits, but also something affordable too!

How can you help? Its easy. If you click the link up there *points at her name which I am hoping is a different color and underlined* it will take you to her blog where you can send a donation via paypal. Just a few bucks will help so much! If you don't feel overly charitable, you can buy her sock pattern Around the World and support her creativity and get a great pattern!

Thank you in advance. Tomorrow (I think) I will post about the Roanoke NoSoKnit. Cheers.

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