Destash time!!!

YAY! The lid closes on my yarn bin again!! And all the drawers on my other yarn bin shut!! And the lid on the other yarn bin closes too!!!!

Destash time. Ok, so here's how I'd like to do this. I honestly don't remember what I spent for most of this. I know the Yarn Pirate club was $80 for 3 months, so a bit over $20 a skein? Probably the same for most of the independent dyers. Anyways, if you see something you want, please email me jadielady at gmail dot com. Or you can message me on Ravelry. I'm Jadielady there too :)

Please let me know which you want and what you feel is a fair price.

Also if you have any specific questions like you want to know a dye lot or anything.

I'll do this just on my blog for now. Maybe when I get home from work Monday I'll put what's left up on Ravelry.

First up, we have Berrocco Comfort in a lovely shade of yellow. I had bought two skeins and ended up using only half of one to make baby booties.

Next up, a random assortment of Knifty Knitter Looms. I don't have the boxes or any instructions, but you can find lots of information online. Comes with 1 hook (unless I find more)
The red ones are good for kids hats.

1 Skein of Cascade Fixation. The color didn't turn out so great in the picture, but its a really pretty shade of peach.

1 skein Opal sock yarn. 1 Skein will do a pair of socks.

Ignore the stuff in the upper left hand corner ;) This picture is for the mixed lot of Bernat Felting. I only have one ball band. There's 2 shades of pink that match exactly, then one sort of tequilla surise pink, and a lighter pink. The two blues don't quite match. Sold separately or all together, whatever you want!
One skein of mystery sock yarn. Its 55 grams. I'm sorry, I have no idea where the ball band is :( Its sort of a peachy color with a light green. I can try to take a better picture tomorrow in natural light if the weather holds.

1 Skein of Trekking XXL. will make a great pair of socks to go with jeans! That's what I'd bought it for, but its just too fine. Really needs size 1 needles with how tight I knit.

1 Skein Cables & Lace. Was February's club shipment. It knits up very cute, I just don't wear pink very much.

2 Skeins of Moda Dea Sassy Stripes. Please note each skein is a different colorway. Unfortunately, you need 2 skeins to make a pair of socks. But you could probably knit some fingerless gloves, or stripe them with another color!

1.5 skeins of TLC Cotton. Very pretty colors, they don't show well in this picture. There's purple ad teal and a light green.
1 Skein Lime & Violet Intentions in Connection. This stuff sells out quick on Loopy Ewe so get it while you can!

1 Skein ATH Yarns in Margaret. Never heard of them before. Yarn is nice and squishy, but I already have so much teal and purple.

3 Yarn Pirate Skeins from 2008-2009 Yarn Club. Sold separately or all together!
Colorways: Hope - yellow, brown, and purple. Zinia - Pink, Orange and purple. Daffodilly - green, teal and white. Daffodilly came untwisted when I went to pick it up 'cause someone was poking me in the butt!

Well that's it!!! Like I said, let me know if you have any questions.

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