You vote I listen

And I'm so glad I asked you!!

The yarn and pattern are working out beautifully. I had to do a little fiddling with the math, and after 3 false starts and a few curse words I got underway.

I think this pattern will go by fairly quickly. That's quite a bit of sock for only 2 pattern repeats.

I figured, since Kitty's been such a good boy lately, especially at the vet (he sat perfectly still, and only cried when she looked in his ears) that he deserved a photo shoot of his very own.

Here he is napping.

Awake now

Getting head scritchins.


Thomas said...

Last picture: See Tripsie, I'm the Mack LL-Kitty-K.

recei - When there's only one peanut butter cup remaining it's for i.

Nikki said...

aw!!! My Bartholamew sleeps like Kitty - with his head all smashed up in my elbow...