Midnight, 2nd day.

This is insane.
Here's the sock yesterday.

Here it is right now. I'm at the heel! How crazy is that?

And check this out.
The back lines up so well, and if I got really daring, I could knit these again as knee socks and just put all the increases right there! Or .. .decreases, since I knit cuff down.

Ok, I promise not to bore you with these socks anymore til they're done. Which at this rate could be Friday! Depending on how much I can do at work and after :P

No worries newly finished socks. I still love you. See? I wore you today!

To my grandmother's house, where I picked up what may possibly become my wedding dress. Wee!


Thomas said...

Ain't it wonderful when you've found your calling?

inessivo - a superlative conjunctive elaborating a word to it's maximum 'ness'-ness.

Unknown said...

Dang girl look at you go!! Very nice!

I want to try two at a time socks but my LYS didn't have the 40 cable size circs that it requires so I have to wait and order them or wait for LYS to get more in. For now I am going to try 1 sock on two circs because I have those needles. haha

Nikki said...

woot!!! Love them!

and the new socks with your cutie shoes!

Dianne said...

You are ONE sock Knitting Gal..they all look great!! Love your yarn choices too.
I have had 2nd SS ..but am at least at the heel decreases on the 2nd..so it should happen soon except I've had some other projects that jumped up and smacked me in the head..right now one being a baby blanket that I started yest..and hope to finish in the next few days..then back to the sock..I promise!

Dame Wendy said...

Oh wow! You knit socks FAST. I am painfully slow.

They look so perfect!! :)