I took a break from the interwebs to finish clue 2 of my Shawl Knit along. Clue 3 was released Monday and clue 4 (the last clue!) will come out this coming Monday.

If I didn't have the sore back and wrist pain, I wouldn't believe that this came from my hands and some string! I'm so proud of myself :D and I can't wait to see how the rest will turn out.

Took a cue from Turtlegirl and used my washing machine. The colors turned out much truer!

Close up. *le sigh*

Sure, there's some fiddly bits here and there, but hopefully most of them will look fine after blocking.

I attempted to stretch it out a bit. The shadow is my arms and the camera. The colors are getting kind of a spiral effect, which I guess is cool...


turtlegirl76 said...

Oh cool! It's a circular shawl. That makes so much more sense for a mystery KaL.

Nikki said...

*le sigh* indeed! It's gorgeous!! I can't wait to see if all finished!

Dianne said...

Much Loveliness in the shawl,colors, work etc..

Thomas said...

oh pretty.
but not as pretty as the spider that spins it.

rereatm - first we must know the word "reatm". Reatm is to "really enjoy eating them". Rereatm is when you really enjoyed eating them and then spit up a bit and swallowed, re eating what you really enjoyed eating.

yes, not so much fun.

Unknown said...

Oh wow, look at that! You got a lot done and it looks wonderful!

Thumperdd said...

Oh my beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished project. You'll have to line up a really special occasion to debut this gem at.

Your poor back will just have to suffer until it's properly covered and then perhaps it will forgive you for all of these hours of torture!

Glad your felling better.


Thomas said...

Can't you make a pillow out of that Frog?

ansio - with an accent on the O, this words represents the verbalized experience of realizing you have bugs crawling around in your underwear.

*everyone start itching NOW*