I has a mitten

Well, minus the thumb anyways . But that shouldn't take long.

I'm just perplexed as to what I'm doing wrong with my kichener stitch.

It looks perfect in this picture yes?

Except that's the inside!!

Here's the outside. Stoopid seam line just staring at me.

Maybe I should just turn things right side out before I kichener?


Thomas said...

I don't know what Kirchener or Kichener is... but I know what a kitchen is and THAT ain't it.

Nikki said...

um, yeah :) kitchnering should be done right side out. However you've got a great line! :D I know a lot of people who have troubles with kitchnering at all!

Dana said...

That is a nice seam line - - Nikki's right. Are you going to leave it or pull it out? How did your cabling turn out?

Thomas said...

Come on, now. Sam disconnected their cable weeks ago.

The Lewis Show said...