A flash of the crazy

Woooboy. I don't know of its feeling better from the bug, or maybe being organized thanks to this handy dandy notebook Sam's brother gave me for Christmas.
Here's the cover.

Oh also, I have my Yarn Harlot daily calendar!!

Or maybe its the lack of smoke in the air! That's right, Sam's quit!

Though I think Tripsie will miss sitting back there. That seems to be the only time she likes to sit on your lap.

But I've been hit by inspiration the likes of which is never seen by people other than Miss Violet. Some big things are coming my way and I am very excited!

More to come on that later ;)
But for now I'm designing a pattern. Inspired by the Fetching fingerless gloves I was making last month, I'm making myself a pair of mittens.
But I'm making some changes with the cables. I alternated them! Look at what it does.

Kinda hard to see so far, but I think it'll look really neat.


Thomas said...

How does Tripsie get on a lap with only three legs? She's amazing.

Yarnie thing looks like a mini-skirt for a really tiny person.

Dana said...

Pretty mitten and YAY SAM! Is he going cold turkey or getting help, e.g. Chantix?