Another Roanoke Trip

This morning, Dana and I (and her friend who made the beautiful needle holder shown below, which I forgot to blog about when she gave it to me at Roanoke NoSoKnit. Bad Jadie!) went to Roanoke to visit Knitter's Knook again. Becky is now having a 50% off sale!!!
I got a lot of knitting done on the way and while we were there, and with just a little more work once I got home I have finished the first baby bootie for Sam's sister.
Side view:
Just needs a mate and either a ribbon or other tie through the wee holes.

I brought home quite a nice purchase.. I had taken a book with me wanting to try a sweater. I was leafing through the book and looking for inspiration, when suddenly I realized I was looking at the exact yarn called for in a beautiful pattern, with just the right number of skeins left!
(only pictured two) Its a gorgeous color in Cascade Pastaza. Normally sold at $9 a skein, 4 skeins and 50% off = an $18 sweater!! How cool is that?

I also got *shame* 2 more skeins of sock yarn. But! I have a very specific pattern in mind for them. I just couldn't decide between brown and blue.

After finishing the bootie, the kitties and I have been lazy all day. Kitty even snuggled up for a nap resting his head on my belly. I had to stop knitting to wrap my arms around him. Then I've been working on my Wollemeise socks.


Thomas said...

Oh my gosh the baby booties are just soooo adorable.

I need to gay adopt.
But first I need major cash.

*accepts donations*

IrishGirlieKnits said...

50% off sales are did a pretty good job resisting! I love Pastaza!

Cute booties too!!

Haley said...

can't wait to see both the socks and your sweater. you have so many great knitting projects going on these days.

Dana said...

You did a great job at the sale; one sweater and two pairs of socks don't equal freakish spending. LOL

Your baby bootie is adorable!

Thomas, I spent all my cash on fiber, but I'll help outfit the baby you adopt. :)

Thomas said...

Dana, what a sweet offer.
Thank you!

Nikki said...

I just knit some wrist warmers out of that SAME colorway of pastaza! So very lovely! And it knits up even softer than it is in the skein! Still have like 1/4 of a skein if you want/need it! I got it at Becky's so there's a good chance the dye lot is the same.