Has it really been over a week since my last post? Well, not much been going on. Just work, knit, repeat :)
YAY my 1st full Socktober sock is done.

As usual, Tripsie had to get in on the action.

Its hard to take a picture of your own heel...

Pattern: Take two and call me in the morning socks (Ravelry link). This pattern was featured on the Lime & Violet Daily Chum a while back, and I added it to my que then. It just seemed perfect for the yarn and I love the heel!
Yarn? Wollmeise *squee* in Miss May.
Modifications. I decided to go with the heel as written in the pattern and I'm so glad I did! The toe I followed my usual decrease 4 stitches on every other row, and then did a kitchner seam.
The writer of the pattern was kind enough to message me on Ravelry and let me know that I may do a few less pattern repeats on the foot. I honestly didn't keep track of how many I did, once I was 2 inches from my toes I started doing the decreases.


IrishGirlieKnits said...

Pretty pretty sock!! I love that Wollmeise colorway too :)

Thomas said...

I love how you speak in tongues to you knit knit followers. That's so cute.

WOLLMEISE is the bomb. It's so purdy.

Dana said...

Your sock looks excellent! The colorway is great and I really like how it striped up.

Cindy said...

Oooo.. pretty :)

I need to learn how to knit!

(as if I don't already have enough projects in the works)

Anonymous said...

Very nice socks :) Never seen a sockpattern like that before. Interesting!

Opal said...

Perfect pattern for the perfect yarn. Your sock is beautiful!