Sorry guys, been bumming around lazily with a cold.
To entertain you here is a pirate picture of me a few years ago heading to a party.

And here is a picture of my pirate get-up now. Few years and a few pounds later, but oh well.

Mike & Janine came to visit us last week, though I didn't get any pictures. We had a very fun and relaxing time, which I think all 4 of us needed.

I also met up with FunFairieGirl for lunch on Wednesday which was fun.

I hope to have some more fun content tomorrow or Sunday. Later peeps!


Unknown said...

I hope your cold is better soon.

I love that "Yarrrn" t-shirt!!

turtlegirl76 said...

Woo! Is that a corset in that first pic? Sexay!

Thomas said...

Hubbah Hubbah!! The wench look is good for you.

Dana said...

Loved the photos - - the pirate costume and t-shirt are wonderful! :) Get well (it's NoSo or bust Saturday morning).