Goals for the week.

Make at least one more hat for charity to take to Roanoke NoSoKnit with me

Finish my socks so that I can wear them Saturday.
(tested a different setting, it shows the colors better)

Play some more Empire Earth III some more so that I can talk about it Friday on Lancast.

And most importantly - survive the week.


Unknown said...

Look at you the professional sock knitter now! I love the hat too!

I've never knit a hate but I want to someday soon.

V said...

Hi Jadielady, its beingv! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm loving your knitting adventures :) If you're interested in the calendar, I got the idea from Kyle's blog and found it at www.humancalendar.com. You can get the code there. Ciao! for now. -V

Thomas said...

Jadie's the professional sock knitter, yes. But her has teh Tripsie, the stealthy sock yarn eater! We need another hero!

Dana said...

The socks and hat are looking wonderful! You're just rolling along. :)