Woooo moar socks!

2nd pair COMPLETE! And they fit, and they match.

The left one above is the closest representation to the actual color.
Weee stitches. Cute little heart lookin things.

I love these short socks, and with my little feet? Look at how much I have left!

more good news, we're supposedly getting our carpet tomorrow! YAY And the babies can come home once that's done, I miss them so much!


Anonymous said...

***Freeto Feet***
I'll be happy for you when the babies come home as well. Thems missus its.

Dana said...

Your socks are great! You did such an excellent job on them.

Happy to hear that you'll be getting carpet and cats in soon. I'm sure you're ready to be finished with all of the upheaval in your lives.

Favor to ask...I keep seeing bits & pieces of what I think is an ankle tattoo? Am I right? Next time you take a picture, show us the tattoo that's peeking out from under the sock. :D

idiotboy said...

My socks are jealous :(