The Great Reorganization of 2008

Well, Sam and I are back home, although we still don't have carpet, and the kitties are still staying with Uncle Shawn & Aunt Jennifer until we do.

We decided to take the opportunity of all the furniture and other belongings being willy nilly, and re-arrange and re-organize the house.
Sam got a new TV Stand, which is much smaller than our old one.

He also got a new rug.

Which is very handy 'cause bare cement isn't much fun to walk on.

I bought us an Ottoman which has a nifty little storage bit inside.

I've also taken the last day or so to re-arrange my yarn stash. I'd realized that I not only had filled up my rubbermaid container, but also had multiple large shopping bags, as well as 3-4 project bags filled with yarn.

So I piled up everything that I'm keeping, and wound it all into balls. This task would have been impossible with the cats here, so it was a good time to get it done.

And yeah, I put it in a pretty yarn rainbow. WEEEE. It all just barely fit into my container, so NO MORE NEW YARN FOR ME! Until I use some of it ;)

And then I sorted out everything that I am not keeping, and I'm posting it as trade/sell in my Ravelry Stash. So if you're looking for some yarn check it out and let me know if you want anything :)

Anything which isn't taken from there will go with me next time I visit my parents to be donated to my mom's church group.

Big thanks again to Ben for letting us stay with him.


Anonymous said...

I like Rainbows!!! Welcome home. Now that you have reorganized, whatcha gunna do when they come to put the carpet in and un-reorganize it all?

idiotboy said...

You know me.. I rule ;) Nah.. you guys are always welcome. It was a lot of fun having you over.

Kyle William said...

just be careful about muttering those binding words... "no more yarn" - it's dangerous! (if you have only one bucket of stash yarn, you're doing really well... you know my story; over 1000 balls of yarn) and I'm still hungry for more...

it's an addiction; what can I say!

Dana said...

Nice stash. You and I are modest stash-keepers compared to a lot of people. I've got one overflowing wicker laundry basket full and that's it.

Sounds like you had a good time reorganizing and the new furniture is very nice.