YAY Mailman!!!

Last week, I used part of my bonus money to order some yarn and a new set of knitting needles. I sort of feel like a "real knitter" now, this is the first kind of yarn that I've purchased that came all twisted up like this :)
I don't remember it being laceweight, so its not going to work for a cat bed, but I can't wait to think of something beatiful to make with it. This is a picture of mine, here is the shot from online though that looks WAY purpler than what I got, mine is more magenta.

And glory glory here's my new needles. I can't WAIT to use them, but I'm going to 'cause I'm eating pizza :)
but man they're pretty!

This is making me feel much better, because last night :( I had to frog my super cool purse I've been working on. But not to worry, I'm going to start over. And now I can use my new needles YAY!


Anonymous said...

Grats!!! Those needles look cool.. professional assassin needles! :D Cya later!

Mari said...

Ooh, love the needles! So pretty.