Return, some musings

Wee I'm back.
Friday, Sam and I loaded up the car and headed for Richmond to visit Lewis and his lady and to see the Clutch show.
We checked into the Days Inn, which had a beautiful view. Actual picture of our view to follow, but you get the picture. People in Richmond should recognize this building. We were right across the street from it.

The show was very good. I'll admit, Clutch is more Sam's thing than mine, but they're one hell of a group of entertaining guys. And the Cellist for Murder by Death was entertaining too (translation: very pretty and gyrating). And the National is a gorgeous building, with lots of history. Here's a picture I stole from the National's Myspace page.

Saturday, we got up and went to Shoney's for breakfast. I really miss having one of those around here :(
Then we went for a drive.

You can see a nice wrap up of our tour of Hollywood Cemetery on The Lewis Show.
Here's me and Sam on the cannon.

When we got home, I was so wired from being in the car that I changed both catboxes, and then cleaned out my car. Sadly, I discovered I have a bit of a mold problem, so I'll be looking into how to fix that.
I'll post about my visit to the folks separately. Right now I'm working on a cat bed for Tripsie.


Anonymous said...

See!! I told ya she was back. ewwwww moldy car, bleck! You took mold to your mother? Jadie??!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess it's true, shaving WILL make it look like you've got a bigger package.

It's funny 'cause Sam's head is shaved and... and the cannon... yeah.